In Loving Memory of August Ruff

Brother August Ruff

August Ruff, born January 24, 1938, passed from this life on April 16, 2021.
August preached at Hermitage Church Of Christ for a period of 12 years before he came to Green Hill Church Of Christ, where he preached for 22 years. After his health started to decline he served as an elder at Green Hill for 2 years. Everyone who had the opportunity to be around August got to experience his kind, loving, humble spirit.
August was a great man of faith who tried with all his ability to follow Jesus Christ and teach others to do the same. August always saw the good in everyone and helped them at the point of their need.
August was a great bible scholar, preacher, teacher and encourager all his life. August always taught “THUS SAYETH GOD” not his feelings or opinions. We will truly miss brother August and so will all those who knew him.
Thank you brother August for the example and encouragement you showed us! Thank you God for bringing brother August our way!
– The Elders and Deacons at Green Hill Church Of Christ