GH original building

Our History

The Green Hill Church of Christ began meeting in 1909 in a borrowed one room school house located about one mile west of the present building.  This building is on the property of Needham’s Nursery.  Brother Bob High was the only leader in the congregation for many years.  He led the prayers, singing, served the table for the Lord’s Supper, and taught the class. 

By 1920, it became apparent that a more spacious building with complete amenities was needed.  The congregation bought a church building nearby that had been abandoned for lack of membership.  In July of 1924, gas lamps replaced the kerosene lamps.  In August of 1926, electricity became available and electric lights were installed.  In 1941, it was decided to add three Sunday School rooms to the rear of the auditorium. 

For many years, most baptisms were performed in Cedar Creek behind the house of Bro. Granville Goodall.  In March of 1950, construction began on the present building, which the congregation occupied later that year.  It was assumed the building would be large enough to accommodate the congregation’s needs for the next fifty years.  By 1967, it became apparent that future expansion for educational facilities was necessary.  Thirteen class rooms, two dressing rooms, and a nursery were added.  In 1975, East and West wings were added to the auditorium, doubling the seating capacity.  Recent additions include a new foyer with church library and office, added in 2000.   In August 2009, construction began on a larger fellowship meeting area.

We are indebted to our predecessors at Green Hill for their efforts in developing and maintaining the Lord’s work in this community for the past 100 years.